Project Description


At Fakeeh Home Healthcare we understand that living, or caring for a loved one, with MS can be a very stressful and daunting time. That is why our team members are fully equipped to minimize the disruption a diagnosis can cause by providing those affected with the support to cope, and manage the daily challenges, Multiple Sclerosis can cause. We appreciate that everyone’s experience of MS is different, and we cater to each individual’s specific requirements. Our people-centered approach allows our support assistants to deliver the right medical, emotional and physical support needed by their client in familiar surroundings, enabling them to continue enjoying full control over their lives and live as comfortably as possible with their condition.


  • Provides support by facilitating effective communication

  • Pain management

  • Prevention of fatigue

  • Medication administration

  • Personal care and grooming

  • Assistance in activities of daily living