Project Description


If it’s difficult or unsafe for you to travel to and from the hospital and rehabilitation centers, Fakeeh Home Healthcare makes our patients’ lives easier by offering a mobile physiotherapy service through providing the same exceptional one-on-one physiotherapy assessment and treatment, but in the comfort of your own home.

Every appointment is dedicated one-on-one time with our physiotherapist allowing for thorough assessment and diagnosis of your condition or injury. You’ll learn about how to best manage your condition or injury, receive evidence-based treatment and a home program. Our physiotherapists treat using a combination of education, exercise, and manual therapy where appropriate. We’ll work together to achieve your goals in the comfort of your home


  • Improving strength & mobility

  • Correction of posture

  • Pain Management

  • Prevention of fatigue

  • Acute & chronic musculoskeletal injuries

  • Osteoarthritis & inflammatory arthritis

  • Exercise program planning & supervision